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The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars."

Benjamin Franklin

Trophy Wines


Winemakers often sort through and use the best grapes from several to hundreds of different vineyards to make one vintage of wine. It's much more difficult to produce exceptional quality wine from one type of grape, from one vineyard. Varietal wines are generally more predictable and can be harder to stand out as exceptional. These wines demonstrate excellence, set the bar for what phenomenal wine should be, and inspire luxury. 



Syrah | Riesling



Pinot Noir | Sauvignon Blanc



Cabernet Sauvignon | Chardonnay

Click on the bottle to explore that wine's characteristics, reviews, price, and where you can purchase it!


Varietal Wine Inspirations

How do we choose our

Wine Inspirations?


In addition to tasting the wines we include in our Wine Inspirations, they must also meet the following criteria: 

Must be available and accessible for purchase. 

On average, must cost less than $300 per bottle.

Must have received at least one reputable critic score of 95+ points.

Must have a special, noteworthy, remarkable, or other "wow-factor" worth exploring. 

Inspiration to Creation

Producing wines of this caliber requires producers to source grapes the worlds best vineyards and hire elite teams of winemakers, which can be very costly, which translates to higher priced bottles.

Cellar Chic has created Luxe Gift Sets inspired by the wines from our Wine Inspirations. Each item in a Luxe Gift Set represents a flavor, aroma, or characteristic of one of these trophy wines, telling the story of the wine's vintage and terroir, through gourmet culinary delights, kitchen and home luxuries, and top shelf bar and wine accessories!



One thing that sets trophy wines apart from wine in found in a convenience store or supermarket is how beautifully a wine expresses its terroir, or sense of place, including climate, soil, and regional environmental factors. In an effort to encourage producers to make the best wines they can, some regions around the world have laws mandating which grapes can be used or style in which a particular wine is made. The wines we've highlighted in the Regional Selection are exceptional wines that beautifully tell the story of their terroir.



Sicily, Italy



Burgundy, France



Arizona, USA

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