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This Luxe Gift Set was inspired by:


2020 Cantina Terlan ‘Quarz’, Sauvignon Blanc | Trentino - Alto Adige, Italy.


The items included in this Luxe Gift Set are:

  • Williams Sonoma - Beramot & Oak Fragrance Diffuer (4.2oz)
  • Williams Sonoma Pack of 100 Diffuser Reeds (100 count)
  • Le Marke Single Harvest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Agrigenti, Italy (12.6oz)
  • Heavenly Homemade - Fresh Cut Grass Candle (15oz)
  • Williams-Sonoma - Meyer Lemon Hand Lotion (16oz)
  • Williams Sonoma - Pink Grapefruit Kitchen Essentials 3-Pack with Essential Oils (12.6oz)
  • Fortnum & Mason - ‘Malshanger Estate’ English Mint Tea - Silky Bag Infusions (1oz)
  • L’abeille Diligente - Orange and Lemon Honey Made Candies (5.3oz)
  • Bridgerton - Passion Fruit Curd (10oz)
  • Beautiful Floral Gift Box 

The Quarz

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